Theses List
No. Theses Titles Level Student Name Present Date
1    A study of the role of the human body terms in forming metaphors.    M.Sc.    ,    0000-00-00
2    A Comparative Study of Ergative features in the Ergative Persian dialects of the South and Razavi Khorasan provinces and Kordish Dialects of the west of the country            0000-00-00
3    A contrastive study on word order in the Russian and Persian languages            0000-00-00
4    The study of Humor in the Persian Press from 1984 to 2009 based on Pragmatics approaches    M.Sc.    ,    2008-01-05
5    Critical Discourse Analysis of Some Contemporary Political Texts in the Press    M.Sc.    hamedi shievan, zahra    2008-04-08
6    the study of Written Contemporary persian morphplogy from Typological point of View    M.Sc.    Akhlaghi Baghoojari, Elham    2009-01-01
7    design of material for teaching more frequent concepts of Persian language to intermediate non- Persian adult learners on the basis of integrated skills    M.Sc.    ,    2009-01-13
8    Analyses of the blessing and the cursing as speech acts in Persian    M.Sc.    sabuhi khamene, leyla    2010-01-06
9    The Acoustic Analysis of the Recorded Conversations and Identifying the Participants on the basis of Forensic Phonetics    Ph.D    Namvar Fargi, Mojtaba    2010-01-06
10    An Analysis & Description of Mashhadi Dialect    M.Sc.    nejatian, hossein    2010-06-22
11    A study of Question-reponse sequences in the spoken Persian language    M.Sc.    sadri, aida    2010-10-23
12    The Analysis of Signification in Signs of a Home Sign Language    Ph.D    izanloo, ali    2010-12-06
13    Constructing and validating a computerized test of Persian language proficiency    Ph.D    Estahbanati, Lida    2011-01-08
14    The examination of hedges & boosters in 5 makki & 5 madani surahs    M.Sc.    Dogani, Shadi    2011-01-19
15    describing form and function of back channel responses in spontanous persian copnversations    M.Sc.    Azadmanesh, Mahnaz    2011-02-08
16    The Cultural Schema Of “Adab o Ehteram” (Politeness and Respect) And Its Related Common Expressions In Persian    M.Sc.    khodaei moghaddam, massoumeh    2011-05-02
17    A Comparative Study of Halliday’s Textual Metafunction in “To the Lighthouse” and its Persian Translations from Thematic Structure Perspective    M.Sc.    Fatehian, Tayyebeh    2011-05-02
18    Contrastive Analysis of the Derivational Affixation Patterns in Persian and Spanish Languages    M.Sc.    zafarianmoghaddam, ehsan    2011-12-21
19    Preparation and Codification the tutorial book persian high frequency words to non- persian speakers, based on 504 essential english words    M.Sc.    Bahari, Zahra    2011-12-21
20    figurative language;A Survey on the factors related to the semantic comprehension ; their effectiveness and psychological reliability    Ph.D    erfaniyan, leila    2012-02-01
21    taxonomy of patients’ response modes in the doctor-patient discourse    M.Sc.    ghani, farzane    2012-02-26
22    A comparative study of oral and written narratives in the Persian language based on Labov’s narrative structure    M.Sc.    damroodi, azam    2012-05-06
23    Investigating metaphor in war literature from cognitive linguistics point of view    M.Sc.    faragerdi, esmat    2012-05-06
24    An analysis and comparison of executive functions in Persian monolinguals and Persian_Azari bilinguals.    M.Sc.    Arbabi, Sara    2012-05-06
25    The Kurdish–Persian Narrative Skill of Some Bilingual Students In Ilam    M.Sc.    Karimi pour, Amir    2012-05-27
26    Zarandi-Persian Dictionary    M.Sc.    Babak, Ali    2012-12-02
27    Impact of language games in development of communicative skills of deaf children with cochlear implants and hearing aids    M.Sc.    Mohammad Esmaeilzadeh, Sahar    2012-12-20
28    Onomastics of Torbat-e Heydariyye Based on Sosiolinguistic Factors    M.Sc.    Fazlali, Morvarid    2012-12-20
29    The effect of explicit teaching of pragmatic issues, using face to face and online method by native and non-native teachers on EFL learners    M.Sc.    aziminia, azadeh    2013-01-15
30    The study of cultural intelligence in language intractions of non- native Persian speakers with native Persian speakers    M.Sc.    Abbasian, Fahime    2013-01-15
31    The Study of Inflectional Morphem in Sign Language    M.Sc.    Tabiee, Maryam    2013-01-15
32    A Survey and Description of the Dialect of Ghorgan    M.Sc.    sarparast, rezvan    2013-02-24
33    A study of backchannels in the conversations of Persian men and women based on gender and education variables    M.Sc.    Behine, Zahra    2013-02-24
34    A comparative study of metadiscourse markers in English and Persian news reports about 11th September event    M.Sc.    yazdani, sara    2013-02-24
35    Investigating the Role of Age and Gender in Learning the Foreign Language with Neuro-Psycho Linguistic Evidence    M.Sc.    Alamzadeh, Mahrokh    2013-02-24
36    Psychological Evidences of the Lexical morphological approach and the application of the findings on teaching the Persian language    Ph.D    Khazai, Azita    2013-03-09
37    An examination of a selection of Mohtasham Kashani`s sonnets based upon the discourse theory of Laclau and Mouffe    M.Sc.    Tayarani, Maryam sadat    2013-03-09
38    Title of Dissertation: Cognitive Poetic Analysis of Narrative Texts of Elementary School Textbooks Based on Narrative Mental Spaces and Conceptual Blending    Ph.D    najafi, azadeh    2013-03-09
39    Description of pragmatic impairment in children with hyperactivity disorder and attention- deficit    M.Sc.    rabie vaziri, hamideh    2013-04-24
40    The Azeri–Persian Narrative Skill of Some Bilingual Students In Shabestar    M.Sc.    heydaran afsari, samaneh    2013-04-24
41    the study of relation among the probmems of theory of mind, pragmatics and executive functions in schizophrenia    M.Sc.    Ataei, Bahareh    2013-04-24
42    An Analysis & Description of Azghandi Dialect    M.Sc.    Naddaf Azghandi, Ehsane    2013-04-24
43    The cognitive survey of the content \\\\\\\\    M.Sc.    hoseini, neda    2013-04-24
44    the acoustic survey of intonation in autism specturam    M.Sc.    Azizi Mahmoodabad, Zahra    2013-04-24
45    Analysing deviation rate of khorasan and ghods magazine from standard language    M.Sc.    motamedirad, frzaneh    2013-04-24
46    THe role of language in leadership and management: the case study of The heads of the Departments in Ferdowsi University of Mashhad    M.Sc.    fathi, maral    2013-04-24
47    A Linguist Analysis Of Humor Techniques In Stand Up Comedy    M.Sc.    amareh, robabeh    2013-05-18
48    A Survey on Uniformity hypothesis in Rumi\'s Masnavi Based on Laklau & Muffe\'s approach    M.Sc.    maleki, marzieh    2013-10-21
49    A study on some of Iran Melli Bank teasers from critical diacourse analysis point of view    M.Sc.    DINMOHAMMADI, MAHDI    2013-10-21
50    An integrated semantic framework for structured opinion summarization    Ph.D    Asgarian, Ehsan    2014-01-22
51    An Analysis of word order and case marking in Persian dialects of Khuzestan from a typological perspective    Ph.D    HamediShirvan, Zahra    2014-02-03
52    A Study of lingual features of nonverbal experiences of Persian women and girls based on cognitive issues    Ph.D    Akhlaghi Baghoojari, ELham    2014-02-03
53    Evaluation of Translation: A Critical Discourse Analysis Approach    M.Sc.    hassanzadeh amin, seyed moein    2014-03-11
54    presenting criteria for identification of metaphors by using MIP procedure    Ph.D    ,    2014-03-11
55    A Critical Translation Analysis of Houshang Moradi Kermani's Carpet Weaving Factory Children    M.Sc.    moeendarbary, maryam    2014-04-28
56    Analysis of Pragmatic Skills and Theory of Mind in Patients with Traumatic Brain Injury and Healthy Counterparts    Ph.D    Fazaeli, Seyyedeh Maryam    2014-09-27
57    Rehabilitation protocols of speech and language training for hearing-impaired children based acquisition approach to natural language    Ph.D    tayarani niknezhad, hamid    2014-09-27
58    Description and compiling of the dialect Noogh    M.Sc.    Ghoreishi, Seyyed Abbas    2014-11-12
59    A description of Dorhi dialect    M.Sc.    Habibi doroh, Monir    2014-12-03
60    The stylistics Formalism in the thirty section of the Quran's text    Ph.D    kamkar moghadam, hamide    2014-12-03
61    A Comparison of Pragmatic skills of Hearing impaired children and their Hearing peers.    Ph.D    Nouraei Nia, Reyhaneh    2014-12-03
62    discourse stylistic of Abraham and joseph story in Koran and torah translation    M.Sc.    bashari torshizi, zahra    2014-12-31
63    A Survey on Linguistics Structures of varbal hypnosis based on Erickson's Conversational Hypothesis    M.Sc.    Hasanzade, Farinaz    2015-02-10
64    Evaluation of Auditory Verbal Memory Performance of Persian-Speaking Healthy Men and Women with RAVLT    M.Sc.    eghbali, elnaz    2015-03-15
65    A comparative study of heaven and hell representation in the translation of Quran and some books and lectures of Islamic researchers    M.Sc.    nazary khabbaz, maryam    2015-03-15
66    Comparative investigation of lingual Genderism and contextual Genderism, before and after the revolution of Iran    M.Sc.    barani, bahare    2015-03-15
67    Persian Word Order and Constituent Extrapositon Explanation Based on Functional Discourse Grammar    Ph.D    mowlaei kuhbanani, hamed    2015-12-15
68    Descriptive Dictionary of Stylistics    M.Sc.    pourakbar, Ghasem    2016-01-12
69    discourse analysis of Imam Ali against opponenets according to laclau and Muffe l    M.Sc.    abdi dehsorkh, Fatemeh    2016-01-12
70    effect of narrative on comprehension and speech production of children with mild to moderate spectrum of autism    Ph.D    miri, maliheh    2016-02-09
71    Setting a Hierarchy for Pragmatic Elements to Train Translators    Ph.D    salari, zahra    2016-10-06
72    Surveying Semantic Prosody of Some Hedges in Six Persian Contemporary Novels    M.Sc.    payvandi, fateme    2017-01-03
73    The effect of storytelling on syntactic and semantic development of children with deep hearing loss (4 to 6,yrs) with cochlear implant of mashhad.    M.Sc.    Ghafourian ramezan, mostafa    2017-01-03
74    Exploring Interpersonal Aspects in Relay and Di-rect Translations: A Case Study of “Cien años de Soledad”    M.Sc.    Mousavi Rad, Seyyed Ali    2017-02-27
75    A study on power relations amongcharacters of fire without smoke(Atash-e BedooneDood) novel based Fairclough 's critical discourse analysis    Ph.D    miri, afsane    2017-03-12
76    Studying Characterization in Arthur Miller's The Crucible: A Cognitive Stylistic Analysis    M.Sc.    Sheykh Farshi, Shirin    2017-03-13
77    The study of Persian Language preschool children’s appreciation of humor from linguistics point of view    Ph.D    Keramati Yazdi, Sarira    2017-03-14
78    level stylistics and its application in women cloth fashion and advertisements based on Kres and Van leeuwen descriptive Model    M.Sc.    gholami, afshan    2017-05-30
79    The function of Sarcasm/ Mock Politeness According to Gender and Social Distance in Some Iranian Films    M.Sc.    nazarian, leila    2017-05-30
80    A study on explicitness or implicitness of speech in press texts on the basis of Van Leeuwen (2008): A case study of the political relations of Iran and the countries of Persian Golf Border    M.Sc.    hosseini farash, leila    2017-06-12
81    a review of the metaphorical network of holy quran in order of their reveal based on the metaphor theory of lakoff and johnson    Ph.D    alipour laeen, hamed    2017-12-18
82    A study on idioms, inflectional affixes and default inheritance in the persian morphology based on construction morphology    M.Sc.    Sodagar, Fateme    2018-03-06
83    Conceptualization of “Masalan” in Contemporary Persian Language    M.Sc.    Nasiri, Seyyed Mahdi    2018-03-06
84    Assessment of Semantic Memory and Episodic Memory in Persian- speaking Multiple Sclerosis patients and healthy counterparts    Ph.D    Yazdani, Sarah    2018-03-06
85    The effect of word order change on the sentence perception in Persian considering frequency power changes in Theta and Gamma band in 10 to 12 months infants    M.Sc.    mirarab razi, mahbubeh    2018-06-05
86    a study of disagreement strategies in the parliament of Iran    M.Sc.    jamalkho, ashrafjamalkho, ashraf    2018-06-19