Theses List
No. Theses Titles Level Student Name Present Date
1    A study of the role of the human body terms in forming metaphors.    M.Sc.    ,    0000-00-00
2    A Comparative Study of Ergative features in the Ergative Persian dialects of the South and Razavi Khorasan provinces and Kordish Dialects of the west of the country            0000-00-00
3    A contrastive study on word order in the Russian and Persian languages            0000-00-00
4    The study of Humor in the Persian Press from 1984 to 2009 based on Pragmatics approaches    M.Sc.    ,    2008-01-05
5    Critical Discourse Analysis of Some Contemporary Political Texts in the Press    M.Sc.    hamedi shievan, zahra    2008-04-08
6    the study of Written Contemporary persian morphplogy from Typological point of View    M.Sc.    Akhlaghi Baghoojari, Elham    2009-01-01
7    design of material for teaching more frequent concepts of Persian language to intermediate non- Persian adult learners on the basis of integrated skills    M.Sc.    ,    2009-01-13
8    Analyses of the blessing and the cursing as speech acts in Persian    M.Sc.    sabuhi khamene, leyla    2010-01-06
9    The Acoustic Analysis of the Recorded Conversations and Identifying the Participants on the basis of Forensic Phonetics    Ph.D    Namvar Fargi, Mojtaba    2010-01-06
10    An Analysis & Description of Mashhadi Dialect    M.Sc.    nejatian, hossein    2010-06-22
11    A study of Question-reponse sequences in the spoken Persian language    M.Sc.    sadri, aida    2010-10-23
12    The Analysis of Signification in Signs of a Home Sign Language    Ph.D    izanloo, ali    2010-12-06
13    Constructing and validating a computerized test of Persian language proficiency    Ph.D    Estahbanati, Lida    2011-01-08
14    The examination of hedges & boosters in 5 makki & 5 madani surahs    M.Sc.    Dogani, Shadi    2011-01-19
15    describing form and function of back channel responses in spontanous persian copnversations    M.Sc.    Azadmanesh, Mahnaz    2011-02-08
16    The Cultural Schema Of “Adab o Ehteram” (Politeness and Respect) And Its Related Common Expressions In Persian    M.Sc.    khodaei moghaddam, massoumeh    2011-05-02
17    A Comparative Study of Halliday’s Textual Metafunction in “To the Lighthouse” and its Persian Translations from Thematic Structure Perspective    M.Sc.    Fatehian, Tayyebeh    2011-05-02
18    Contrastive Analysis of the Derivational Affixation Patterns in Persian and Spanish Languages    M.Sc.    zafarianmoghaddam, ehsan    2011-12-21
19    Preparation and Codification the tutorial book persian high frequency words to non- persian speakers, based on 504 essential english words    M.Sc.    Bahari, Zahra    2011-12-21
20    figurative language;A Survey on the factors related to the semantic comprehension ; their effectiveness and psychological reliability    Ph.D    erfaniyan, leila    2012-02-01
21    taxonomy of patients’ response modes in the doctor-patient discourse    M.Sc.    ghani, farzane    2012-02-26
22    A comparative study of oral and written narratives in the Persian language based on Labov’s narrative structure    M.Sc.    damroodi, azam    2012-05-06
23    Investigating metaphor in war literature from cognitive linguistics point of view    M.Sc.    faragerdi, esmat    2012-05-06
24    An analysis and comparison of executive functions in Persian monolinguals and Persian_Azari bilinguals.    M.Sc.    Arbabi, Sara    2012-05-06
25    The Kurdish–Persian Narrative Skill of Some Bilingual Students In Ilam    M.Sc.    Karimi pour, Amir    2012-05-27
26    Zarandi-Persian Dictionary    M.Sc.    Babak, Ali    2012-12-02
27    Impact of language games in development of communicative skills of deaf children with cochlear implants and hearing aids    M.Sc.    Mohammad Esmaeilzadeh, Sahar    2012-12-20
28    Onomastics of Torbat-e Heydariyye Based on Sosiolinguistic Factors    M.Sc.    Fazlali, Morvarid    2012-12-20
29    The effect of explicit teaching of pragmatic issues, using face to face and online method by native and non-native teachers on EFL learners    M.Sc.    aziminia, azadeh    2013-01-15
30    The study of cultural intelligence in language intractions of non- native Persian speakers with native Persian speakers    M.Sc.    Abbasian, Fahime    2013-01-15
31    The Study of Inflectional Morphem in Sign Language    M.Sc.    Tabiee, Maryam    2013-01-15
32    A Survey and Description of the Dialect of Ghorgan    M.Sc.    sarparast, rezvan    2013-02-24
33    A study of backchannels in the conversations of Persian men and women based on gender and education variables    M.Sc.    Behine, Zahra    2013-02-24
34    A comparative study of metadiscourse markers in English and Persian news reports about 11th September event    M.Sc.    yazdani, sara    2013-02-24
35    Investigating the Role of Age and Gender in Learning the Foreign Language with Neuro-Psycho Linguistic Evidence    M.Sc.    Alamzadeh, Mahrokh    2013-02-24
36    Psychological Evidences of the Lexical morphological approach and the application of the findings on teaching the Persian language    Ph.D    Khazai, Azita    2013-03-09
37    An examination of a selection of Mohtasham Kashani`s sonnets based upon the discourse theory of Laclau and Mouffe    M.Sc.    Tayarani, Maryam sadat    2013-03-09
38    Title of Dissertation: Cognitive Poetic Analysis of Narrative Texts of Elementary School Textbooks Based on Narrative Mental Spaces and Conceptual Blending    Ph.D    najafi, azadeh    2013-03-09
39    Description of pragmatic impairment in children with hyperactivity disorder and attention- deficit    M.Sc.    rabie vaziri, hamideh    2013-04-24
40    The Azeri–Persian Narrative Skill of Some Bilingual Students In Shabestar    M.Sc.    heydaran afsari, samaneh    2013-04-24
41    the study of relation among the probmems of theory of mind, pragmatics and executive functions in schizophrenia    M.Sc.    Ataei, Bahareh    2013-04-24
42    An Analysis & Description of Azghandi Dialect    M.Sc.    Naddaf Azghandi, Ehsane    2013-04-24
43    The cognitive survey of the content \\\\\\\\    M.Sc.    hoseini, neda    2013-04-24
44    the acoustic survey of intonation in autism specturam    M.Sc.    Azizi Mahmoodabad, Zahra    2013-04-24
45    Analysing deviation rate of khorasan and ghods magazine from standard language    M.Sc.    motamedirad, frzaneh    2013-04-24
46    THe role of language in leadership and management: the case study of The heads of the Departments in Ferdowsi University of Mashhad    M.Sc.    fathi, maral    2013-04-24
47    A Linguist Analysis Of Humor Techniques In Stand Up Comedy    M.Sc.    amareh, robabeh    2013-05-18
48    A Survey on Uniformity hypothesis in Rumi\'s Masnavi Based on Laklau & Muffe\'s approach    M.Sc.    maleki, marzieh    2013-10-21
49    A study on some of Iran Melli Bank teasers from critical diacourse analysis point of view    M.Sc.    DINMOHAMMADI, MAHDI    2013-10-21
50    An integrated semantic framework for structured opinion summarization    Ph.D    Asgarian, Ehsan    2014-01-22
51    An Analysis of word order and case marking in Persian dialects of Khuzestan from a typological perspective    Ph.D    HamediShirvan, Zahra    2014-02-03
52    A Study of lingual features of nonverbal experiences of Persian women and girls based on cognitive issues    Ph.D    Akhlaghi Baghoojari, ELham    2014-02-03
53    Evaluation of Translation: A Critical Discourse Analysis Approach    M.Sc.    hassanzadeh amin, seyed moein    2014-03-11
54    presenting criteria for identification of metaphors by using MIP procedure    Ph.D    ,    2014-03-11
55    A Critical Translation Analysis of Houshang Moradi Kermani's Carpet Weaving Factory Children    M.Sc.    moeendarbary, maryam    2014-04-28
56    Analysis of Pragmatic Skills and Theory of Mind in Patients with Traumatic Brain Injury and Healthy Counterparts    Ph.D    Fazaeli, Seyyedeh Maryam    2014-09-27
57    Rehabilitation protocols of speech and language training for hearing-impaired children based acquisition approach to natural language    Ph.D    tayarani niknezhad, hamid    2014-09-27
58    Description and compiling of the dialect Noogh    M.Sc.    Ghoreishi, Seyyed Abbas    2014-11-12
59    A description of Dorhi dialect    M.Sc.    Habibi doroh, Monir    2014-12-03
60    The stylistics Formalism in the thirty section of the Quran's text    Ph.D    kamkar moghadam, hamide    2014-12-03
61    A Comparison of Pragmatic skills of Hearing impaired children and their Hearing peers.    Ph.D    Nooraei Nia, Reyhaneh    2014-12-03
62    discourse stylistic of Abraham and joseph story in Koran and torah translation    M.Sc.    bashari torshizi, zahra    2014-12-31
63    A Survey on Linguistics Structures of varbal hypnosis based on Erickson's Conversational Hypothesis    M.Sc.    Hasanzade, Farinaz    2015-02-10
64    Evaluation of Auditory Verbal Memory Performance of Persian-Speaking Healthy Men and Women with RAVLT    M.Sc.    eghbali, elnaz    2015-03-15
65    A comparative study of heaven and hell representation in the translation of Quran and some books and lectures of Islamic researchers    M.Sc.    nazary khabbaz, maryam    2015-03-15
66    Comparative investigation of lingual Genderism and contextual Genderism, before and after the revolution of Iran    M.Sc.    barani, bahare    2015-03-15
67    Persian Word Order and Constituent Extrapositon Explanation Based on Functional Discourse Grammar    Ph.D    mowlaei kuhbanani, hamed    2015-12-15
68    Descriptive Dictionary of Stylistics    M.Sc.    pourakbar, Ghasem    2016-01-12
69    Discourse analysis of Imam Ali against his opponents( according to Laclau -Mouffe approach)    M.Sc.    abdi dehsorkh, Fatemeh    2016-01-12
70    effect of narrative on comprehension and speech production of children with mild to moderate spectrum of autism    Ph.D    miri, maliheh    2016-02-09
71    Setting a Hierarchy for Pragmatic Elements to Train Translators    Ph.D    salari, zahra    2016-10-06
72    Surveying Semantic Prosody of Some Hedges in Six Persian Contemporary Novels    M.Sc.    payvandi, fateme    2017-01-03
73    The effect of storytelling on syntactic and semantic development of children with deep hearing loss (4 to 6,yrs) with cochlear implant of mashhad.    M.Sc.    Ghafourian ramezan, mostafa    2017-01-03
74    Exploring Interpersonal Aspects in Relay and Direct Translation: A Case Study of    M.Sc.    Mousavi Rad, Seyyed Ali    2017-02-27
75    A study on power relations amongcharacters of fire without smoke(Atash-e BedooneDood) novel based Fairclough 's critical discourse analysis    Ph.D    miri, afsane    2017-03-12
76    Studying Characterization in Arthur Miller’s The Crucible: A Cognitive Stylistic Analysis    M.Sc.    Sheykh Farshi, Shirin    2017-03-13
77    The study of Persian Language preschool children’s appreciation of humor from linguistics point of view    Ph.D    Keramati Yazdi, Sarira    2017-03-14
78    level stylistics and its application in women cloth fashion and advertisements based on Kres and Van leeuwen descriptive Model    M.Sc.    gholami, afshan    2017-05-30
79    The function of Sarcasm/ Mock Politeness According to Gender and Social Distance in Some Iranian Films    M.Sc.    nazarian, leila    2017-05-30
80    A study on explicitness or implicitness of speech in press texts on the basis of Van Leeuwen (2008): A case study of the political relations of Iran and the countries of Persian Golf Border    M.Sc.    hosseini farash, leila    2017-06-12
81    a review of the metaphorical network of holy quran in order of their reveal based on the metaphor theory of lakoff and johnson    Ph.D    alipour laeen, hamed    2017-12-18
82    A study on idioms, inflectional affixes and default inheritance in the persian morphology based on construction morphology    M.Sc.    Sodagar, Fateme    2018-03-06
83    Conceptualization of “Masalan” in Contemporary Persian Language    M.Sc.    Nasiri, Seyyed Mahdi    2018-03-06
84    Assessment of Semantic Memory and Episodic Memory in Persian- speaking Alzheimer’s patients and healthy counterparts    Ph.D    Yazdani, Sarah    2018-03-06